Growing up in post-genocide Rwanda, I was profoundly influenced by Padre Andre Sibomana and many other sons and daughters of the soil who preached the need for unity and non-violence. Padre Sibomana stands out for he was neither Hutu, Tutsi nor Twa. He dreamed of a world that transcends the ethnic divides and spent his entire life pursuing it. Not a friend of oppressive regimes, he vehemently opposed the Juvenal Habyarimana regime and its maltreatment of Tutsi persons and the Tutsi hegemony under Paul Kagame.Having only narrowly survived the 1994 genocide, he continued to face threats of assassination from the successive Kagame regime. When he fell sick in 1997, the government denied him papers to travel for treatment to Europe. On 7 March 1998, Fr. Sibomana went to be with the Lord at the age of 43. Amnesty International observed, "André Sibomana can never be replaced, but the memory of this remarkable man -- his courage, his devotion, his perseverance and his humanity -- will serve as an inspiration to those inside and outside Rwanda who are committed to restoring respect for human rights in the country." Feel free to contact me at rwandankunda@yahoo.com