Monday, September 27, 2010

Prosecuting Congo Rapes

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Margret Wallstrom the UN special representative on the prevention of sexual violence in conflict wants the FDLR and other rebel groups prosecuted for raping Congolese women. This is a commendable move and it is unfortunate that it has taken too long.
The FDLR is a Hutu led militia group that has been blamed for committing some of the most horrific atrocities in eastern Congo. Some of its extremist members are also accused of participating in the Rwanda Genocide.
What is regrettable is that the UN might ignore rapes perpetrated by the rabidly undisciplined Congolese army (FARDC). This is in spite of the fact that the atrocities are well known and equally documented. 
Looking the other way will only tempt the FARDC to continue with the rape culture. Sending a clear message to them is necessary in this region where armies often commit crimes with complete impunity.
Another outfit that should not be given a free ride is the CNDP. The CNDP currently led by a known mass murderer, Bosco Ntaganda or the “terminator” was previously under the command of Tutsi leader, Luarent Nkunda. They group has also been implicated in mass rapes, torture and the murder of unarmed civilians.


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Kabanga said...

I think that you should have started by saying that Rwada brought the culture of massive rape and poisoning in Congo. We never had that before you guys showed up in our country. Which kind of Africans are you?