Monday, October 25, 2010

Politics and Internet in Rwanda

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As several of us take advantage of the internet to campaign for political freedom in Rwanda, Olivier Nyirubugara an exiled journalist and researcher is taking an extra step.

He wants President Paul Kagame who has built a reputation as Africa's premier tech-politcian to walk his talk and release political prisoners. In particular, he is campaigning for the release of Madame Victoire Umuhoza.This weekend, Nyirubugara interviewed several members of Ingabire's family. He had each one of them deliver a personal message to the Rwandan leader seeking the immediate release of their ailing mother. He then posted the video interview on YouTube.

Explaining his cause, Nyirubugara said, "...since President Kagame is also said to be a champion of technology, I asked Ingabire's family to give a personal message to President Kagame in the hope that he will come across this report when he goes online to search the web."

Satire aside, this is another innovative tool for political activism.

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