Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paul Kagame to Speak at Denver Leadership Conference

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In all cases of popular revolutions so far, the leaders have one thing in common: they are all octogenarians at the dead end of their political careers.

Which begs for an interesting question, are dictators only removable when they hit old age? In other words are Rwandans, Ugandans, Equatorians, and Ethiopians to endure the tormenting devastation of oppressive rule until the likes of Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, Obiang Nguema and Melis Zenawi grow grey hair?

Well, as it seems, at least one of them, Paul Kagame is here to stay. This Friday, Kagame is set to speak at a “Leadership” conference to be held in Denver, CO. Yet the organizers of this conference know very well that Kagame’s regime is accused of serious human rights violations over the 17 years of his de facto rule.

It is not clear what the conference attendees will learn from Kagame’s “leadership”. Dutch blogger, Vincent Harris suggests we baptize it the “Denver Dictatorship Conference”. I add, the conference organizers might as well consider inviting the other “leaders” on my list.

We need to say it again and again, that there is something wrong when a brutal dictator is welcomed with open arms into the United States, a country that stands for freedom, human rights and democracy.

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clekirent said...

You guy and all of those who think like you are just hypocrite! You are strong in words but weak in action! President Kagame is quite doing whatever is possible to lift up our Rwanda; and you are there just shouting instead of helping him! You are talking about the human rights? who is perfect? The countries where you stay? Nta wanoza bose aliko ibikorwa bizababwira. Just shut up b'se none is going to pay attention to you! Kuko abo mufatanije bose baranduye: Interahamwe, abatinya countability (abajura), deserters, abahoze ali abacamanza babi, abahoze ali ba Ambassadors basesagura umutungo wa Leta (USA, India), etc. Read Matt.7:5. You'll enderstand that you have to check yourself before checking others! Nonsense!