Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disappearance of University Don in Rwanda

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Havugintwari Lambert , a professor at the National University of Rwanda , has reportedly been missing for more than a month. There are fears that the government might have participated in eliminating him. 

This was announced by his wife, Ingabire Christine, in her letter to Rwandan president, Paul Kagame. In the letter, she requests the president to intervene so that she can know “whether the husband is dead or alive.”

What seems odd about the case is that her husband’s cars along with his other possessions were found at the police station. But only after the lady went there to seek for assistance. According to her, the police department failed to give her a satisfactory explanation. 

There are also increasing reports that individuals are being targeted and killed especially in Cyangungu, Southern province. This was reported by Umuvugizi, a Kinyarwanda publication that is now operating from exile having been banned in Rwanda.


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