Monday, May 30, 2011

Protestors to challenge Kagame in Chicago

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As President Paul Kagame prepares for his first trip to the United States after successfully rigging elections in 2010, the Rwandan Diaspora is mobilizing for a mammoth protest. The message to be conveyed is clear and simple: democracy is necessary in for Rwanda to move forward.

On the other hand, the government is desperately trying to recruit supporters as well. Their mini commercial one website reads, “if you are going to Rwanda Day, They [presumably the government of Rwanda] can help you get a deal starting at under $300 (flights + 2 Nights shared hotel room +Car rental)…”

While protests are unthinkable in Rwanda, thanks to democracy in the United States, Kagame will have to get used to this kind of protests every time he visits the United States. A terrible dictator should never be allowed to enjoy the fruits of democracy in the United States which he never permits in his own country. At the very least, he must be challenge on the streets!


Makara said...

Do not forget your Camera to take pictures of those Kagame's supporters who lay to the US Homeland Security to get the asylum. They said many things against Kagame, and now they are going to welcome him!!!

Anonymous said...

We in America enjoy so much freedom that this selfish dictator has denied his people. He thinks that he can bolster his position by putting on a show in Chicago, hoping that no one will speak up on him sacrificing his fellow Rwanda, and neighbors Congolese. Kagame was elected by the Investors, those sucking the blood of innocent Rwandans and Congolese to gain access to Coltans, Tin, Casiterite, Diamonds, God..... History is judging him.

Gerald said...

You don't know what you're talkin' about guy,I've lived both in he States and in Rwanda and The dictatorship you're talkin' about ntayo ihari cyeretse ku bantu nkamwe muba mufite ibyo mwakoze muzi ko Leta izabyirengagiza...ONE mmore thing,Kagame has been elected by Rwandans who wish a good future for their country RWANDA.