Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quit spying in Britain, MI5 tells Kagame's envoy

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The MI5, British intelligence is apparently unpleased by the presence of Kagame’s spies in Britain. According to the Independent, they informed the Rwandan ambassador’s office to “halt an alleged campaign of harassment against suspected critics of his country's government based in the UK.”

This is not the first time that the Rwandan diaspora has complained of Kagame’s spying networks. In the past, the networks have even included death squads to target opposition members. However, quite notably so, this is the first time that a powerful nation is officially recognizing this problem.

For the most part, this network makes it impossible for the diaspora to organize against Kagame. They use such methods as picketing, intimidating, blackmailing and faking charges against Kagame’s opponents.

It is unacceptable for Paul Kagame to export his oppressive tendencies to democratic countries in the West. Those who have escaped his tyranny at home hope for protection. His regime’s terror must be contained.

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