Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YouTube hosts Rwandan dictator, ignores human rights abuses

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Except for the government owned media and affiliates, Kagame has succeeded in abolishing free press. His war against the press is so impeccably fought that it will leave most dictators jealous. This is no joke: Kagame is probably the only predator of the press as outlined by Reporters without Borders to be feted by global institutions such as Davos. Yesterday it was announced that YouTube worldwide would host Kagame on, “an online interview platform that has featured prominent world leaders” such as Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu and David Cameron. How this press predator makes it to such circles is anyone’s guess.

I understand YouTube’s intention to bring Africa to the world. However, shouldn’t they be turned away by Kagame’s human rights record or haven’t they done their homework? You would think that a “powerful” leader isn’t one who just fills the greatest number of his citizens in jail. You would think that such things as democracy would have been considered. I can think of a number of African leaders that would have qualified for such promotion, people like Botswansa’s Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

Giving such a platform to an abuser of human right is both destructive and counterproductive. YouTube should be helping make the world more democratic and helping promote freedom of speech. Being associated with a despot, accused of such crimes as genocide does not rhyme well with YouTube’s image.

Given the anti-Kagame activism on YouTube, I am sure that he would have closed down the network if he had the power to do so. He has precisely attempted to do that in the past against the BBC and the Voice of America.

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Bertrand said...

Shame on you who wrote this article!!! Kagame is indeed a powerful leader not only in Africa but in the world as well. You are so dumb whoever wrotes this article. You tube has his own criterias or pre-conditions a leader has to satisfy to be given that honor. This inspiring leader of Rwanda is absolutely witout any doubt, a very good exemple for future leaders. Even if you don't like him he has done and still doing tremendous progress in his country. As long as his approach of building his country works he automatically qualifies for a powerful leader. We have made so many investigations and found out that all those people in Prison has really broken the law. He has shown and still practising good governance. A positive change requires a lot of sacrifices, you got to be strong to fight for it when you believe in it. So, sorry to disagree with you on your subjective article but President Kagame is one of the best leader the world is experiencing today. Try to be objective and believe only in the truth.
Good luck!