Friday, September 2, 2011

Kagame is Delusional to Think he is Above International Law

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Here is a man who clearly thinks he is above the law. Accused of genocide, Kagame and his senior military officials--forty of them in number, are facing indictments from a Spanish court since 2008. So far, they have remained elusive and dismissive of the charges. But the mere fact that Kagame devotes every media opportunity to lashing out at the court means he is a deeply troubled man.

Regardless of what he says, Kagame or the RPF are incapable of deceiving history. They may think so, but they are wrong. As Dr. King once said, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.” We are doing all we can to bend it in the right direction.

In his signature vitriolic attacks, Kagame decries the charges as “stupid”. A clear and unnecessary contempt of court which automatically does him more harm than good. You see, every instance of arrogance adds up, and soon the world gets tired of the angry tirades. In his day, Gadaffi played this card—always hurling nasty insults at the West. His days are now numbered. Kagame might do well to learn a lesson.

In his defense statements, delivered on the air waves of a local radio, Kagame claims that the charges against him and top members of his military cannot be sustained before a court of law. He dismisses them as political. However, he does not expound on what political interests Spain has in Rwanda. While he knows too well that Rwandan courts are under his tight control, he is delusional to think this is the case in advanced democratic states. Quite unconvincing argument, you may say.

Spain started the investigations because of its citizens killed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Any responsible government would have done that. There is nothing political with a court of law dispensing justice.

Instead of complaining, Kagame and company should try to clear their names. These charges are here to stay and will continue to haunt their dictatorship. They cannot be wished away.

Lastly, Kagame reveals that his officials are having trouble securing visas to travel to Europe. Rwandans welcome this development. If only the United States would follow suit, then the dictatorship would begin to crumble.

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